Nubag #2 (a year in the life)

It’s My Baby – Paul Kelly

Day 2 .. Moving onto a piece of Mid 60’s, (1965 to be exact), Soul from South Florida’s ‘Deep City’ (Miami) featuring the vocal skills of Paul Laurence Dunbar Kelly.

I could go to town on the history and connect the (narrative) dots as to who owned what label, played on/wrote what song, what they went on to do and how influential they were in the development of soul/Rhythm and Blues/funk etc but to be honest it’s far too time consuming so I’ll just name check the cats responsible for EACH tune. In this case it’s Johnny Pearsall, Willie Clarke and Arnold Albury. (writers, producers, musicians, urbanemusicologists)

Released on the ‘Lloyd Records’ label in 1965.




musicology #512

Duets2 #2

(Am I A Good Man – Them Two)

Today’s marrow trembler finds themusicologist standing in ‘still waters’ that run almost too deeeeeeeeeep and I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by peering into the darkest recesses of my soul in such a public way but authenticity compels me to continue asking the question….what/who am I? (not that I’m expecting or even asking for an answer as I don’t believe there is a definitive but unfortunately that doesn’t stop the internal dialogue).

Paradoxically? the question has reared it’s head at the onset of this ‘Harmony’ theme but in the words of Blues man supreme Little Willie Littlefield ‘Life is like that’ and no amount of running and hiding will alter a truth.

The musicology presented by the TOP RANKING Numero Label was originally recorded for and released on Miami’s Deep City label sometime in the late 60’s? and features the combined harmonies of Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke ably backed and driven by Helene Smith, Arnold Albury and Reed Roberts. For me music doesn’t get ‘better’ than this…what a tune.



agreement; accord; harmonious relations.
a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.
1350–1400; ME armonye < MF < L harmonia < Gk harmonía joint, framework, agreement, harmony, akin to hárma chariot, harmós joint, ararískein to join together

—Related forms

non·har·mo·ny, noun,plural-nies.
pre·har·mo·ny, noun

1. concord, unity, peace, amity, friendship. 2. consonance, conformity, correspondence, consistency.