musicology #486

SoulBoy #5

(Terry Callier – Step Into The Light)

Didn’t throw one down yesterday… Had it all lined up but something held it back. Today I know what…Completed a foundation course yesterday, (the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step), and without going into it the ‘proof of the pudding’ was most certainly in the weekends eating. Suffice to say that as the days, weeks, months and years unfold on themusicologist it’s a subject that I will elucidate on but for now i’ll keep it on the ‘DL’.

Today’s majestic slice of the SoulBoy pie on the other hand is one that will definately make it into the networked society of which I, for one, am most certainly a part…Courtesy of a Cat whose language I find myself in complete harmony with…Master Terry Callier my favourite contemporary artist. When the man speaks themusicologist ALWAYS listens. For me Harmony is like that I can almost consciously hear it as it resonates with my Soul. If you would like to hear more from the Man..BUY his works. I have them all and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. First featured, (#391) on themusicologist when my world began to change. Following with a weeks dedication to the man, (#409-#415), such is his impact on my life…This one is from his ‘Alive’ set recorded Live at the turn of the new millenium at the Jazz Cafe.

“Said it’s alllllllllllright, baby step into the light”


musicology #402

Sound&Fury #5

(Admiral Tibet – Time Is The Master)

Momentum…Focus….Discipline. I find them a constant challenge. Take your eye off either one for more than a breath and they try to slip away, (the bastards !) take themusicologist for example when the momentum slips the focus wavers and the discipline flies out the window making it difficult to get back on the right track.

‘So many things to do and so little time to do them in’ is a well worn cliche but fits me like a John Pearse tailored suit. Not that I’m complaining…I would much rather be busy than not it’s just that there are, (as we all know), only 24 hours in a day and it just isn’t enough for me to get the job done. So with that in mind allow me to lay this cut on you.

A slice of Jamaican ‘Steppers’ from themusicologist’s ROCKET BOX. One of my most cherished pieces of the shiny black stuff from One of my favourite Dancehall artists, Kenneth ‘Mr Reality’ Allen a.k.a Admiral Tibet whose consciousness and integrity are something to behold. Never have I heard the Admiral speak anything other than righteousness. An artist that, like Terry Callier, deserves our FULL support.