#themusicologist [796] Sixto Rodriguez – the Establishment Blues

Deb, Con, Farve…hold this one. ORIGINAL rebel selection. x

Art courtesy of Qiu Ying: ‘Saying Farewell at Charlton’ (aka ‘Xunyang’)


musicology #573

Essential Cuts #3

(Jerry Jones – Still Waters)

Didn’t manage to lay a cut yesterday..BIG night Friday and as a result I floated through yesterday in a bit of a bubble. That’s one of the things about BIG nights out..sleep deprivation..Worth it though. Music was excellent, company too. Met some good people, (all genuine music lovers), which is always a real pleasure. In fact it was a proper gathering of musicologists. The Filthy Six were excellent and by a strange serendipitous, (having already laid it down on themusicologist a few hours earlier) quirk had included Sookie, Sookie in their set. If any of you cats and/or kittens get the opprtunity to catch them live…take it. If not then second best is to buy their self titled set available on Acid Jazz.

Part of what I, (Sir Errol too judging from his recent comment), enjoy about music is the voyage of ‘discovery’ and on the night Corinna Greyson and Noel McKoy were both welcome additions to my list of noteworthy vocalists. I can’t lay an example of Corrina’s vocals on you as I don’t have any to pass on but I bought 2 copies of Noel’s latest CD, (Brighter Day), on the night so hopefully, (if/when I confirm with him that it’s ok), I’ll lay down an example on themusicologist.

So on with the Essentials…(all cuts that, for me, ‘stand’ at the top of the musical mountain). Today’s cut is another from the number one Jamaican sound ‘Sir’ Coxsone ‘Downbeat The Ruler’s Studio 1. Absoulte marrow trembler released 1970 in the UK on the Bamboo label….Jerry Jones’s version of the Four Tops scorcher.

Listen Tune.

musicology 572

Essential Cuts #2

(Grant Green Sextet – Sookie Sookie)

Can’t linger too long in the semantic forest so I’ll just lay this Majestic Jazz/Funk/Rhythm&Soul cut down to get me in the mood for tonight’s excursion to see the Filthy Six, (among others), throw down at Soul, Soul, Soul. I choose this Live cut because for me it illustrates perfectly what a collective, (in both cases a sextet), are capable of when in perfect harmony, six sounds become one..anyone who knows me will testify that I’ve been banging on about the ‘Six since catching them at Vintage so I’m looking forward to seeing them weave the musicology again.

Recorded live at the Cliche Lounge in Newark on August 15th 1970 featuring not only the maestro, (Grant Green), but also the supreme talents of Idris Muhammad, Claude Bartee, Ronnie Foster, Joseph Armstrong, Neal Creque and William Rivens. The song was originally recorded by Don Covay in 1966.

musicology #539

Jamaica #19

(Rome – Lloyd Jones)

When I first heard this cut, (more than 20 years ago), I had to sit down. Still to this day I don’t know what it is about it that continues to tremble my marrow but as I live and learn about life through the ups and downs there are certain tunes that are an integral part of the soundtrack to my existence…this is one of them. The sounds that pulsed out of the Kingston ghettos during the early 70’s continue to speak with unmatched authenticity to my Soul and even though I am a big fan of Ska, Rocksteady and early Reggae it is this period, (the ‘Golden Age’), between 1970 and 1976 that really does it for me, (the 90’s too but we’ll have to wait until later to hear them)

The vocalist on today’s piece is Lloyd Jones, (a cat I know nothing about), but what I do know though is that, (as far as I’m concerned), music doesn’t get better than this. For 20+ years this cut has been a BIG part of my life. Why? can’t say for sure but it’s one of the tunes that I will NEVER tire of hearing. Larry, (the field), Marshall cut it at Studio 1 and I’m not sure who waxed the original but I think it’s this one….not that it matters of course and whether it’s called Babylon, Rome, the Shitstym, Capitalism or Globalisation it’s all just ‘The Game’ and I for one despise it. Sufferers all bleed the same colour blood and it’s always RED so be you black, white, pink, brown, yellow or blue this one’s for all of us…45 on the English Bullet label.

“From since I was a kid they have had me down as slave,
Keep pushing me everyday until they push me out of the way,
Woooooh Rome I want to go home,
Woooooooh Rome I can’t stay no longer in Rome”

musicology #498

SoulBoy #17

(Garland Green – Plain And Simple Girl)

right..have to be quick today, (even though I’m slowing the tempo..), as I have to get my ‘bottle’ out the ‘apple’ sharp and wanted to get this one up for as long as possible..apologies for leaving you SoulBoys and SoulGirls hanging for the next installment these last few days, things to do…people to see, (MrHare them shoes are sooo ‘RUDE’)…no excuses just apologies. Hope to make up for it with this Sunday afternoon, Soul Spectrum slice from Garland Green..produced and arranged in 1970 by the majestic Donny Hathaway his first and most , (commercially), successful, (whatever that means?), release on Cotillion. I am a BIG fan of this one. Soul through and through….Listen Tune…

musicology #495

SoulBoy #14

(Bettye Lavette – Easier To Say Than Do)

What is Soul? have I asked this question before? can’t remember and to be honest I don’t think I’ll go back over the last 494 diary entries to satisfy my curiousity ! all I can say is that for me Soul communicates with my emotions in ways that only music seems to be able to. I enjoy looking at Art and reading it too but there’s something about listening to it that has a transcendent quality that words can’t describe..So instead I’ll leave it to the music..

Today’s cut is a first on themusicologist not only for the artist but also for the way in which it was delivered.courtesy of a fellow musicologist who I have had the pleasure to hook up with via the musical diary. The first in a series? of collaborations between themusicologist and audience. Recorded in 1970 for Shelby Singletons SSS International label but not released? BIG label for the Northern Soul Cats this is a fine piece of Soul from a great singer who first recorded at the dawn of Soul in 1962. Probably best known in the Soul community for her Marrow trembling ‘Let Me Down Easy’ .. Still going strong Bettye Lavette is a genuine Soul singer of the highest order.

musicology #317

SongsOf Protest&Freedom#3

(The Kinks – Got To Be Free)

Today’s slice of the Freedom pie is from a well known and highly respected  English group yet to feature on themusicologist…with a cut from their 1970 LP ‘Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround’.

Ray and Dave’s career is reported to have began in a pub in North London in 1957 !! but it wasn’t until 1963 that the original line up formed and became known, (after a few name changes), as the Kinks.

The line up featured here however is minus original member Pete Quaife.