#themusicologist [#808] Maybe someday – the Paragons


“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius


#themusicologist [794] Lord Creator – Such is Life

Fork in the road 7

One of my most cherished early reggae cuts courtesy of the incredible Kentrick ‘Lord Creator’ Patrick who, [at the time of this recording], was rediscovered ‘living’ up a tree in Jamaica..


[S]HE WHO LIVES it KNOWS it..everyone else is a SPECULATOR/commentator.


musicology #0632

the Inspirations – Down In The Park

Day #5 of the Upsetter tribute and after spending the first few years of his career helping to build Sir Coxson’s Studio 1, (and the Downbeat sound), into the #1 outfit on the Island Lee Perry became dissilusioned with Coxson’s lack of appreciation as well as any real opportunities to progress his career so he decided it was time to break free and make his OWN play but it wasn’t really until 1968 when things began to look up for the Upsetter.

Lee Perry was already well on his way to mastering the art of picking, creating and crafting hit records but funds were tight and it wasn’t easy but in the year of the earth monkey, (1968), the English market began to gather speed due, in part, to the rise of Jamaican musics popularity with the working class youngbloods who became known as Skinheads.

Today’s cut is another Upsetter scorcher from 1968. Voiced by the Inspirations, (Trevor Shaw & Ransford White), and recorded at either Dynamic or the Chin family’s ‘Randys’ studio. (Trevor Shaw went on to reinvent himself as ‘Jimmy London’)

the (Limited Edition) Upsetter tribute tee (available in 3 Colours), below was designed and produced as a direct reference to these times…

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musicology #0619

ChristmasComing #12

Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby

Sticking with the 60’s Soul festivities with this cut from none other than the legendary ‘Big O’.. I’m led to believe that this one was released in 1968?? which would make it a year after he ‘boarded the train’ to the pearly gates..if it was then it would have be synoymous with themusicologist as I was born in the month of December, in the year of the Earth Monkey whilst revolution filled the air. Having already laid Otis’ majestic rendition of Irving Berlin’s ‘White Christmas’ down two years ago I’m very happy to be bringing this version of Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore’s Rhythm & Blues Christmas classic ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ to the festive table..First recorded by the Three? Blazers, (Johnny Moore, his brother Oscar, Charles Brown, Eddie Williams), in 1947.

Listen Tune….

musicology #514

Duets2 #4

(Lee Dorsey and Betty Harris – Love Lots of Lovin’)

Slipping out of Jamaica and back to America with this 1968 piece of New Orleans Soul courtesy of Deep Soul songstress Betty Harris in harmony with Crescent City native and Mod/ernist favourite Lee Dorsey. Produced by a man who has featured many times on themusicologist; Mr New Orleans….Allen Toussaint and released on his and Marshall Sehorn’s Sansu label. I’ll take an educated guess and say that it’s The Meters providing the funk but one thing is for sure and that is the contribution Allen Toussaint made to delivering some of the cream of Crescent City musicology throughout the 60’s and into the 70’s. Respect is always due.

musicology #367

SuchIsLife #1

(Lord Creator – Such Is Life)

As promised, new theme kicks off today concerning musical wisdom as laid down by various Cats from across the musical spectrum, inspired by today’s slice of incredible musicology from Trinidadian singer, songwriter and sufferer,Kentrick Patrick, (A.K.A Lord Creator), who penned this unbelievable 1968 marrow trembler while down on his luck living in a tree!! in Jamaica having found himself ‘on the floor’ after a career stretching back to the dawn of Ska recording for the likes of Sir Coxsone and more prominently the producer Vincent ‘Randy’ Chin. In answer to his downturn in fortunes..Creator had this pearl of wisdom to say

“That is in my days of suffereation and alcohol, when I had nothing, when I could not pay rent, when I could not find food for me and my children to eat. While sleeping up in a plum tree with a pregnant woman, I put together a melody, and that is how I recorded the song called, ‘Such Is Life’. It was not a hit, it did not get much airplay, but it meant a lot to me”

For me this cut sums up the essence of music’s incredible power to communicate emotions..Respect is due to Alan from musical storeroom Honest Jon’s who brought me in on this one a few weeks back after a dialogue concerning music and the ‘Project’. I am eternally greatful..

“One day you got plenty money yeah…such is life, such is life,
Sometimes you ain’t got a penny no, such is life, such is life…..

musicology #364

Ideology&Philosophy #5

(The Wailers – The World Is Changing)

Out of the Tao and into the next phase in the wanderings with a slice of spoken word from a next facilitator of learning on the journey to the self. But as we move out of Classical Antiquity and into the modern world I would just like to add that a few minutes from each of these Cats is nowhere near enough to do such an important subject justice but doors are made to be opened and Philosophy along with music is, for me, a door to knowledge that has resonated loud and clear on the quest for ‘meaning’.

The music is yet another slice courtesy of The Wailers but this time it’s a later cut, (1968), on Danny Sim’s JAD label featuring the hard hitting Peter Tosh on lead with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer harmonising.