musicology #0760

Nubag #28 (a year in the life)

Losin’ Boy – Eddie Giles

“I began to understand that suffering and disappointments and melancholy are there not to vex us or cheapen us or deprive us of our dignity but to mature and transfigure us.”
-Hermann Hesse




musicology #0739

Nubag #8 (a year in the life)

Rocksteady aka Drunkards Psalm – Busters All Stars

Big piece of instrumental tune from Busters All Stars..1967 release on the Blue Beat Label (in England). Featuring a collection of Jamaica’s finest instrumentalists.

Arkland Parks, Dennis Campbell, Ernest Ranglin, Gladstone Anderson, Jerry Haynes, Karl Bryan, Lloyd-Knibbs, Oswald-Brooks, Raymond Harper, Rico Rodriguez, Val Bennett.


No need to wax lyrical about the Princes profound influence on Jamaican music as a bandleader, pioneer, producer, Sound Man and ‘Voice of the People’. Just suffice to say that throughout the 1960’s Buster was up there at the forefront.


musicology #0689

the Dells – Stay In My Corner

one of the mighty tunes. courtesy of legendary vocal group the Dells. one more with the general in heart and soul x

musicology #513

Duets2 #3

(Winston & George – Denham Town)

Moving out of the soul searching and into the social commentary for todays cut with a classic piece of 1966/7 RockSteady critiquing the state of West Kingston District ‘Denham Town’ as it ‘Turned Vietnam’. Produced by Leslie Kong and featuring Gladstone Anderson on Piano Jackie Jackson on Bass and sax man supreme Roland Alphonso. Released in the UK on a Pyramid 45.

musicology #497

SoulBoy #16

(The Fundamentals – Before It’s Too Late)

Through the ups, downs, highs, lows, hills and gullys of my life the only ever present is the soundtrack. To put it simply I am passionate about music in a way that is sometimes frightening. I Lose all sense of time and as long as I have music as a guide no mountain is too high to climb, (and I’ve found myself at the foot of quite a few !), If truth be told I could, (and would be happy to), spend my whole life bathing in musical waters….but before I can do that I need to make my play and at the moment I’m busy setting up the next phase of the project. It had to take a back seat for the last 9 months as the threads of my life unraveled….but as they say in France…C’est La Vie and one thing’s for sure “I plan to stay a believer”.. That’s not to say that I’m completely out of the woods..that will take some time but it feels to me like I’m on the right track.

Anyway…denough of the ramblings and back to the SoulBoy with today’s beautiful piece of 1967 Vocal Group action from out of Chi’.

musicology #396

PostMod/ernist #6

(Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes The Place Of You)

Final cut on the PostMod/ernist. To be honest I have struggled with this theme. The circumstances I find myself in have affected my confidence which, unlike belief, is buried in the unconscious making it impossible, in my opinion, to cultivate, (again unlike belief), internally. Put simply it’s other people who are responsible for our fragile confidence and my observation is that too many don’t take responsibility for making and breaking it. I’m not laying any blame as that’s for the immature. Neither am I making any excuses, life is a two way street and I must be just as guilty of being irresponsible.

As you may already be aware themusicologist for me is and always has been a kind of diary shot through with Joy & Pain and utilising the power of music as communicator, comforter and guide.

Bottom line…my lifetime’s observation so far is that people will always let you down. Rarely intentionally but that doesn’t lessen the impact. One way to lessen the impact is to not have what Charles Dickens called ‘Great Expectations’. Shoot for the stars but accept that the probability is that you will miss. This attitude has led me to the belief that it’s the journey of and through life that’s important rather than the destination and along the way our companions will come and go. Some will last longer than others. Some will bring and share love while others will try to hurt and hinder. Live by your own values and pass no judgement on those of others. It’s a mean, fucked up world and, from what I can see, it’s only getting meaner. Play by your own rules and do what you think is neccesary for survival and bear in mind that the society that we live in has been created without our consent.

The final cut is a classic slice of 1967 Southern Soul courtesy of Louisiana born Organist and Vocalist Toussaint McCall with a tune that is known to Soul fans the world over which never fails to tremble themusicologist’s marrow. Especially poignant and a fitting end not only to this theme but also to the 20 year relationship I have had the pleasure to share.

musicology #312

Live&Direct #8

(Prince Buster – Move Over ‘Live’)

Time for a slice of the Rocksteady pie from legendary Jamaican musicologist Cecil Bustamente Campbell a.ka Prince Buster a nickname gained from his days alongside Lee Perry, (among others), as Coxsone’s ‘Security’ in the early days of the fierce rivalries between the various Sound Systems . ‘Prince’ Buster was known in and around Kingston for his boxing skills and fearlessness when confronted with opposing promoters ‘Dance Crashers’ whose sole purpose was to disrupt and close down the dance but it was with the ground breaking 1960 recording ‘Oh Carolina’ featuring Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation that his music career began to take shape.

Recorded live in London at either the Marquee or Brixton’s Ram Jam in 1967. Taken from the ‘Live On Tour’ Set..