#themusicologist [798] the Wailers – the World is Changing

One from the Wailers with Father ‘Touch’ singing lead. A favourite of my auntie Deb’s. The Wailers were a MAJOR element of the ‘urbnsoundtrack’ for us growing up on the streets of London throughout the 1970’s beginning with my introduction as a 4 year old in 1973 via the ‘Catch a fire’ [Zippo lighter cover] LP all the way through to ‘Uprising’. MANY hills and gullies travelled along the ‘way’…



#themusicologist [797] Eleni Karaindrou – The Poet [crossing] Borders

“though the road is rocky what to be GOT to be…..


#themusicologist [796] Sixto Rodriguez – the Establishment Blues

Deb, Con, Farve…hold this one. ORIGINAL rebel selection. x

Art courtesy of Qiu Ying: ‘Saying Farewell at Charlton’ (aka ‘Xunyang’)


#themusicologist [795] Dennis Brown – Here I Come

My Auntie Debbie ‘passed through’ this, mortal phase yesterday. She was more than an ‘aunt’ to me, a BIG part of our lives from birth.

MANY times ‘family’ is just a word used to categorise a/the relationship between people who share the same blood, other times ‘family’ signifies a bond between people who share and are linked by vibrational ‘energy’, these are the bonds that can never be broken no matter what phase we are in.

The [first] law of thermodynamics, (aka the conservation of energy), states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Energy can/does change form, and energy can/does flow from one place to another.

My auntie Debbie, like my daughter Constance and ‘Farve’ is still ‘here’, with us in everything, guiding us along the ‘way’..

The next run of cuts are for those who knew and know the feeling of losing and being left behind by loved ones …you all know who you are.

ALL of the cats named above LOVED and were moved by, connected, (in a BIG way), to and were FLUENT native speakers of in the universal language, (music).

Always in our hearts, souls and minds..x


#themusicologist [794] Lord Creator – Such is Life

Fork in the road 7

One of my most cherished early reggae cuts courtesy of the incredible Kentrick ‘Lord Creator’ Patrick who, [at the time of this recording], was rediscovered ‘living’ up a tree in Jamaica..


[S]HE WHO LIVES it KNOWS it..everyone else is a SPECULATOR/commentator.



#themusicologist [793] Jose James – Simply Beautiful

Fork in the road 6

TOP RANKING Version of the Al Green ‘killer’…from one of my favoured contemporary artists the superb Jose James.


#themusicologist [792] the Tams – Take Away

Fork in the road 5

Almost TEN years !! [9 years and 9 months to be precise] since i last threw this one down on themusicologist. One of my oldest 60’s Soul memories [thanks to family members], takes me back…