#themusicologist [787] the 5 Keys – It’s Christmas time

the majestic 5 Keys, one of the GREAT vocal groups, dropping christmas bombs.

Con-Zu….I LOVE you, eternally….ALWAYS in my heart, soul and on my mind.xx


#themusicologist [786] Irma Thomas – I wish someone would care

all [urbn]musicologists KNOW that the only genuine ‘universal’ is music.

For me, wo/mans GREATEST achievement and the only one worthy of delivering ‘truth’.

clearly this is related to the ‘frequencies’ generated in the ‘act’ of MAKING music.

the greater the ‘harmony’ the more effective the ‘atoms’ blend in the ‘field’.

Hold this RANKING piece from the incredible Irma Thomas a cat already featured on #themusicologist along the ‘way’

that said…Borges does a great job of communicating the ‘essence’ as well.

“Here once again the memorable lips, unique and like yours. I am this groping intensity that is a soul.

I have got near to happiness and have stood in the shadow of suffering.

I have crossed the sea.
I have known many lands; I have seen one woman and two or three men.

I have seen the city’s edge, an endless sprawl where the sun goes down tirelessly, over and over.

I have relished many words.

I believe deeply that this is all and that I will neither see nor accomplish new things.

I believe that my days and my nights, in their poverty and their riches, are the equal of God’s and of all men’s.



#themusicologist #0785 Mister Intentional – Lauryn Hill

#BurialPlaylist Selection


‘Intention’ …. you gettttttttttt me.



#themusicologist #0784 Life is not Easy – Anthony Johnson & Mystic Eyes

BIG tune. Them who FEEL it, KNOW it..


#themusicologist #0783 Let me be the first one to know – Dinah Washington

#Narrative 1

Nu theme….auld story. Love. Who knows it, better than I ?


#themusicologist #0782 Heartbeat – Menahan Street Band

aSongForConZu #81

“You, who should have followed me, you are no more – all of my thoughts, my impressions, and all that remains of my existence are bound to your tomb, to which all my wishes aspire.” – Pierre Paul Prud’hon
[The Soul Breaking the Ties That Bind It to Earth]

#themusicologist #0781 Ask me about nothing but the blues– Bobby Bland

aSongForConZu #80

Nothing is more manifest than the hidden;
nothing is more obvious than the unseen.
Therefore the Master
pays attention to what is happening
within her innermost self.