musicology #79

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial Sam Cooke Bonus #2

(Sam Cooke w/ The Soul Stirrers – Were You There)

even though Soul sprung from the well of gospel, (evident with the wealth of singers that sprung out of this tradition), there were certain ingredients that not many shared. only two artists, (of this period), managed to make the transition and shape the ‘new sound’. Sam Cooke and Clyde McPhatter before him. But only Sam stepped out of the gospel limelight to cast his long shadow over popular music in such a way.

the greatest singers share the ability to communicate and deliver the message to all people regardless of personal beliefs and musical preference and this one taken from his final Soul Stirrers recording session in 1957 is an example of this special quality…not being a christian doesn’t stop me from feeling it deeply.

musicology #78

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial Sam Cooke Bonus #1

(Sam Cooke – If I Had A Hammer)

so..back in the Sam Cooke saddle after some techno issues regarding the Streaming Audio, (boxnet)

threw a small spanner in themusicologist works but rather than dwell on it I’ll take it as a sign that more Sam Cooke is required. Three bonus slices is how it is going to be dealt with, (mon/tue/wed), and then it’s back onto the original sixtune program for #’s 4/5/6, (thurs/fri/sat)

thinking about it…it’s fitting that Mr Soul gets 3 extra tunes as everything in the sixartist selection that follows shares a connection … his legacy. what was/is it about the man that is so special?

not just his voice which, let’s face it, is second to was his capacity to move people of all colours and creeds communicating a message that crosses all boundries. as an example hold this one from a 1964 performance at the Copa in front of a full supper club audience. for themusicologist a killer performance…the way he drops it into a deeper meaning in the middle is breathtaking.

the way he delivers the message to this audience and then gets them involved is nothing short of a miracle, he also laid Bob Dylan’s freedom anthem Blowing In The Wind on them . Consider that for a moment..Sam Cooke singing Blowing In The Wind to a Copa audience…obviously the call and response to a soul/gospel audience was part of the performance and to be expected but at the Copa, to a tune like this, full of undercurrents is almost beyond belief but Mr Soul rinses it like NOBODY else could have done….

I’m in danger of waxing lyrical…Sam step up brother and let us know what it’s all about.……..

LOUD is how this one should be heard ..

“where?…..where?, (all over this land), that’s the place…huh”

I do believe that’s Bobby Womack, (along with Cliff White), pluckin’ strings

musicology #77

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial # 3

(Sam Cooke – Nobody Knows)

continuing the sixartistweek selection with the third cut from Mr Soul. This one taken from his 1963 album ‘Night Beat’. for themusicologist a special album that helped get me through darkest days … what turned out to sadly be a prophetic song for Sam that I like to think helped him as much as it did me…

a tear jerker that never fails to touch the soul.

musicology #76

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial #2

(Sam Cooke – Let The Good Times Roll)

talk about synchronicity…themusicologist was reminded that today is Sam Cooke’s 77th birthday, (thanks erik), so it’s got to be this one from 1963.

yet another imperious, inspiring slice of over proof musicology from Mr Soul….overflowing with feeling. reminding us to ‘let the good times roll’ no matter what your current predicament which, bearing in mind the circumstances that surround his life at this time, makes it even more inspiring. recorded in December after the 25th take I do believe…such was the desire to ‘get in the groove’.

Mr Cooke …. your message is coming over loud and clear.

is that Bobby Womack harmonising?? Bob if you’re out there let us know..

musicology #75

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial #1

(Sam Cooke w/The Soul Stirrers – That’s Heaven To Me)

this next section is dedicated to six artists, (1 a week), who have been instrumental in themusicologists education. not just musically but also culturally. every one of them having successfully communicated the message on many occasions…I like to think of them as ‘foundation artists’ who, for themusicologist, are the benchmark against which all others are measured, (not compared).

they are…Curtis Mayfield, Steve Marriott, Sam Cooke, Paul Weller, Alton Ellis and Jackie Mittoo. there are others. but the six above hold a special place in my heart for having a major impact on the direction my life has taken. I’m sure we all agree that music has the profound power to shape the heart and mindset and for the next 6 weeks it’s all about these cats and their legacy.

starting proceedings with none other than Mr Soul himself the legendary Sam Cooke. King of the genre and a lion among men. Not only for his musical contribution but also for his style both in delivery of the message and the way he conducted himself.

it’s beyond doubt that without Sam Cooke themusicologist’s world would have been a less inspirational place in which to live. his life is well documented so the next six days, (no fling on the sabbath), are just about the priceless gift he left us with.

I could wax endless lyrics about anecdotes, musicological facts and information but information alone is useless, unless it leads to knowledge which although has value is not comparable to wisdom.

for themusicologist Sam Cooke delivers the holy grail of wisdom.

“the things that I see as I walk along the street ……..”

musicology #57

(The Soul Stirrers – Glory, Glory Hallelujah)

after a small period of, (enforced), rest from themusicologist due to technical restraints placed by my so called service provider I have been forced to search for a new connection solution. Without boring you with the details .. i’m back in the saddle and not a moment too soon .. the coversweek theme will be finished but first it’s a musicology special

this slice of musicology is dedicated to my Nan, (god rest her soul), who passed away this week, in peace, without warning or prolonged suffering, which the lord only knows she deserved after a life, lets just say .. lived.

for me this is what themusicologist is here for, some comfort when words alone wont do. not suggesting that music alone washes the ‘troubles’ away but it sure takes some beating.

so without further delay I would like to dedicate this piece to a devout catholic who put her faith in God. Nan, I know you’ve waited a long time to be together with Grandad and I’m sure he’ll be there to greet you on the other side. XX

musicology #42

vocalgroupaction .. day 1 (Peace In The Valley – Soul Stirrers)

has to be this one to start proceedings.

no words neccesary.

listen tune..

musicology #33

mansweek day 6..

(Sam Cooke – That’s Where It’s At)

just realised that 33 was the age which this legend died at. so thats nailed it for themusicologist ..

Mr Soul step up and let the people know what we’re talking about.