musicology #0720

aHymnForCon #26

Gene Allison and the Israelite Travellers

– Send My Child Home To Me

365 days ago a light went out. One of the FEW that brightened up my life and turned all my grey skies blue..I was there when that light took her first breath of life and there when that light took her last breath of life. The, (greatest) Joy and the (greatest) Pain.

“Fire tests gold, suffering tests brave men” – Seneca

Hold this one Kohzu and, please, if you can … wait for me … x


musicology #0658

Out On The Ocean Sailing – Ann Cole & the Colmanaires

BIG piece of ‘golden age’ Gospel from themusicologist vaults featuring the sublime vocals of one of the greatest female vocalists (n)ever known, (outside of the knowledge hustler tribe), Cynthia Coleman aka Ann Cole ably backed by the Colmanaires, Joe Walker, Sam Walker, and Wesley Johnson. Ann and the Colmanaires toured with Muddy Waters in ’56 where Muddy heard her performing Preston Fosters Got My MoJo Working and the rest is Rhythm & Blues history..

Today’s cut marks another step on the journey for themusicologist..i hope you are listening ’cause If I ever needed someone I need you..

musicology #561

Tales From The Underground #3

The Soul Stirrers – Jesus Wash Away My Troubles

When ‘the Lion’ roars you have to listen..Sam Cooke..the greatest singer ever to record. Rarely equaled NEVER bettered. Listen Tune…

“Jesus wash away my, my troubles,
While I’m traveling here below,
For I’ve, I’ve got enemies..lord you know,
And Jesus wash away my, my burdens,
For they’re so, they’re so hard to bear
But I know there’s consellation,
As long as I know you’re there,
Yes it is, yes it is,
You know Sometimes I feel I feel like a motherless child,
I’m a long way from home,
You know Sometimes I feel, I feel like I’m almost gone
Still I’m a long ways from home
But Jesus take me on to glory lord when I, when I die
For I know that day is coming, It’s coming by and by

musicology #551

Times #3

(Buckle My Shoe – The Dixieaires)

“When a man learns to love he must bear the risk of hatred”

musicology #550

Times #2

(Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Rock Me)

“During the dark hours I felt my sick heart expand and beat more furiously, and I no longer made any distinction between pleasure and pain, both hurt and both were precious. Whether my inner life went well or badly, my discovered strength stood peacefully outside looking on and knew that light and dark were closely related and that sorrow and peace were rhythm, part and spirit of the same great music…” Hermann Hesse – Gertrude  – 1955

musicology #549

Times #1

(Soul Stirrers – I Want To Rest)

Have to take a break from the Jamaican Musical History theme for a while. Recent developments along the way are calling for some diverse musicology. Have much to say but words fail me for now so I’ll leave it to the music to speak.

Immaculate Gospel cut from one of the greatest vocal harmony groups to ever grace the mic, the church, the stage, and themusicologist…

Listen Tune….

musicology #492

SoulBoy #11

(Doris Troy – Please Little Angel)

Ladies with Soul … Lots to choose from; Aretha Franklin, Carla Thomas, Candi Staton, Randy Crawford, Millie Jackson, Mary Wells, Gwen McCrae, Vicki Anderson, Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins, Barbara Lewis, Etta James, Dee Dee Warwick, Fontella Bass, Minnie Ripperton, Marie Knight, Dee Dee Sharp, Mitty Collier…as well as contemporary kittens such as Angie Stone, Brandy, India Arie, Beyonce…and those are just the ones off the top of my head !

As difficult as it was to’s cut, (courtesy of Doris ‘Just One Look’ Troy), has ALL the right ingredients; Vocals, Lyrics and Production..

Bronx born Doris Higginsen begun her career singing Gospel in her fathers choir but it was as a songwriter that she scored her first hit ‘How About That’ recorded by Soul pioneer Dee Clark in 1960. Three years later she was spotted by James Brown working as an usherette at the Apollo and in that same year she wrote and recorded the Mod/ernist classic ‘Just One Look’. Not sure how or why but Doris didn’t go on to receive the critical acclaim that her talents deserved. Employed by the Beatles at Apple as Artist, Writer and producer Doris sung backup and worked with some of the UK’s most established musicologists, (The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and The Moody Blues), but failed to make a commercial impact as an artist in her own right. After a few years in the wilderness Doris’s story became a successful stage show ‘Mama I Want To Sing’ which is scheduled for a cinema release this month? I didn’t know that before researching for today’s cut but musicology works in mysterious ways so it makes complete sense to me.

musicology #491

SoulBoy #10

(Candi Staton – To Hear You Say You’re Mine)

Listening back over the SoulBoy I realised that the Ladies hadn’t got a look in !! so this week I aim to rectify that and roll with some female action..starting with this one from the SUPERB Candi Staton. Yet another graduate from the school of Gospel..(where almost ALL the greatest Soul Singers started), Candi Staton is best known for ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ but at the end of the 60’s and into the early 70’s she recorded for Rick Hall and his majestic Fame label from whence today’s cut came.

musicology #460

TheManWithTheBag #10

(Dinah Washington – Silent Night)

Have to throw down early today, (didn’t happen !!) as we, (kids and I), are off on a little excursion up to the beautiful Lake District, (Ambleside to be precise), for a few days to kick back before Christmas and I don’t think the internet has reached there yet !! so themusicologist won’t be able to throw down until returning to the big smoke.

STOP PRESS……in fact I’m throwing this down from Ambleside in a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi..i’ll keep it as brief as possible..our daughter is on me like a rash to get on facebook but it’s, (proper), snowing up here and the junior musicologist and I have climbed a mountain today, (look out for the pics…soon come)

Today’s fine cut is courtesy of, (in my subjective opinion of course), one of the greatest singers to have ever graced the mic. A voice overflowing with expression and emotion, drawn from the deep well of existence, (and essence), when Dinah Washington opens her heart and sings even the birds stop to listen and nod in appreciation.  Born Ruth Jones, she first came to the attention of Lionel Hampton in 1943 and for the next 19 years waxed some of the most heart wrenching slices of musicology known to wo/man. Personally speaking…it’s her Mercury output that brings me to my knees, trembles my marrow and brings tears to my ‘minces’ but I could never turn Dinah off no matter what the period.  (This one is from the Mercury 78)

musicology #438

Fragments #4

(The Stars Of Harmony – Rough & Rocky Road)

“The advantage of being happy is that one is rid of the question of happiness. The advantage of being free is that one is rid of the question of freedom.

It is at this point that everything begins: when the concepts which existed only as questions appear as answers. It is the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new turning point: how can we rediscover the question behind the answer – how can we rediscover, behind happiness, the idea of happiness?”

Today’s slice of the musicology pie is a majestic piece of gospel courtesy of a vocal group that go by the appropriate name of ‘The Stars Of Harmony’…enough said.