musicology #0741

Nubag #10 (a year in the life)

You’ll Never Change – Betty LaVette

KILLER ‘early’ Soul cut from the 17 year old Betty LaVette. 1963 release on the Atlantic Label.

Think of this as yesterdays cut..yer man was ‘under the cloud’ and wasn’t around to post it.

“Don’t promise me nothing if you can’t stick to your word”

musicology #0713

aHymnForCon #19

Denise La Salle – One Little Thing

“Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything.”

CONis 2012

musicology #0705

aHymnForCon #11

Bertha Tillman – Oh My Angel

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”

Love and Gratitude .. Eternally x


musicology #0696

aHymnForCon #2

Hypnotised – Linda Jones

Hymn For Constance #2


musicology #0690

Aretha Franklin – Make it With YOU

Singing this song for you … x Aretha Franklin dropping sonic bombs Live At The Fillmore West . 1971. Big, Heavyweight tune.

musicology #0685

Patti and the Belles – Down the Aisle

cutting loose from aSongForCon to lay this one down for my love. x

musicology #0682

aSongforCon #21

Ann Peebles – Until You Came Into My Life

“Oh the joy came over me when you came into my life,

Sweet love that you bring me cut through my darkness like a knife …..”