#themusicologist [790] Orchestra Baobab – Utrus Horas

Fork in the road 3


4 thoughts on “#themusicologist [790] Orchestra Baobab – Utrus Horas

  1. Enjoying listening to the varied selections in your latest posts but I can’t work out if it’s a literal or metaphorical Fork In The Road yet. I’ll keep listening and maybe the mystery will reveal itself in time.


    1. Ian, ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from you.
      Literal as in an ACTUAL piece of cutlery stuck in the ‘road’?? !!


  2. That’s not the only type of fork. Maybe I was thinking of a tuning fork, but probably an intersection where roads divide and a decision has to be made as to which road to follow. Am I getting warmer?


    1. Ian…’Fork’ [in the road] is one of my favourite soul tunes by the Miracles..
      But yes a fork in the road was what I was referring to.


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