musicology #0739

Nubag #8 (a year in the life)

Rocksteady aka Drunkards Psalm – Busters All Stars

Big piece of instrumental tune from Busters All Stars..1967 release on the Blue Beat Label (in England). Featuring a collection of Jamaica’s finest instrumentalists.

Arkland Parks, Dennis Campbell, Ernest Ranglin, Gladstone Anderson, Jerry Haynes, Karl Bryan, Lloyd-Knibbs, Oswald-Brooks, Raymond Harper, Rico Rodriguez, Val Bennett.


No need to wax lyrical about the Princes profound influence on Jamaican music as a bandleader, pioneer, producer, Sound Man and ‘Voice of the People’. Just suffice to say that throughout the 1960’s Buster was up there at the forefront.



2 thoughts on “musicology #0739

  1. I’m loving the daily treat, but don’t want to email you everytime. I’m also tempted to give every song five stars, but fear  that there will be some that absolutely need a higher rating, so I’m being prudent!Thank you, Ellie Wissler 


    1. apologies for the delay in responding. i have what the chinese refer to as a ‘butterfly mind’. my ‘focus’ is always moving. I hear you on the 5 stars..every piece i share/post is from the upper reaches of my collection but in the words of Errol Dunkley “every wo/man does his thing a little way different.
      MUCH appreciation for the comment.


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