musicology #0679

aSongforCon #18

Gregory Issacs – It’s True

“Can’t begin to understand,

I look the same but I’m a different man,

And inside I’m hurting So,

Loneliness it just won’t go,

Since you been gone,

Haven’t been myself,

This must be a dream,

Strange as it seems,

I never thought that this could ever be,

My friends don’t come around in sympathy,

But NOTHING they say or do could ease the pain,

Though I’m trying to work it out,  it’s all in vain”


2 thoughts on “musicology #0679

    1. my pleasure and thank you for taking the time to comment. Fortunately for us Jah Tooth recorded so many top drawer cuts throughout his stay here on earth so there are bound to be some that slipped under the radar. The 1990’s were, (for me), one of those ‘Golden Age’ periods for Reggae and MANY a 45 went unheard. Will get round to a Gregory Special one day and lay down a tribute to the man…


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