musicology #0662

aSongforCon #1

Paul Weller – Where’er You Go

SO much ‘water’ has flowed under my ‘bridge’ since the previous cut. My daughter Constance has passed through this earthly plane, she had just turned 19 years of age.

Words could never do the youngblood justice and i find myself (often) with nothing to say so I reached back into the library pulled out ‘the Prophet’ and read/adapted this.

“Let not the waves of the sea separate us now, and the years you have spent in our midst become a memory.

You have walked among us a spirit, and your shadow has been a light upon our faces.

MUCH have we loved you.

And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

And now your ship has come, and you must needs go.

DEEP is your longing for the land of your memories and the dwelling place of your greater desires; and our love would not bind you nor OUR needs hold you.

Yet this we ask ere you leave us, that you speak to us and give us of your truth.

And we will give it unto our children, and they unto their children, and it shall not perish…”

Rest In Peace Kohzu..ALWAYS in my Heart, Mind and Soul.


2 thoughts on “musicology #0662

  1. Heartbreaking and as always we grieve in our own personal way. There really is nothing that anyone can say or do when tragedy like this strikes. Just treasure the time that you had with her.Enough of the triteness……


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