musicology #640

tUmp #3

Ken Boothe & the Wailers – The Train Is Coming

more Rocksteady from the Downbeat stable but this time featuring themusicologist’s #1 Jamaican vocalist Ken Boothe on lead and the Wailers on back up…DEFINITELY touched by the hand of Lee Perry and Jackie Mitoo….


9 thoughts on “musicology #640

    1. Ian,
      the Wailers were HEAVILY influenced by the Impressions and owe a great debt to both Lee Perry and Joe Higgs for their vocal styling.


  1. This was recorded in the summer of 1966, round about the time Lee Perry left Studio One to join Joel Gibson at Amalgamated – the backing band is the Soul Vendors, and the vocalists are Peter Tosh and Constantine “Dream” Walker, who replaced Bob Marley when he was in the USA.

    It’s a fairly early example of cutting the rhythm and vocal track first, then overdubbing the sax later. on a few occasions the horn player didn’t pitch up, creating what was in effect a “riddim solo”, which was arguably a precursor of dub


    1. thank you for the knowledge. always a pleasure to learn about the details of the music I LOVE. “arguably a precursor of dub”…interesting.



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