musicology #0633

Milton Henry – No Bread & Butter

Day #6 of the Upsetter tribute and today’s cut is another Upsetter scorcher but this time from 1969. Voiced by Milton ‘Morris’, (aka Milton Henry) and recorded at either Dynamic, Studio 1 or ‘Randys’.

Former member of the Leaders with Keith ‘Prince Allah’ Blake and Roy ‘Soft’ Palmer, The Progressions, (Studio 1’s Jets), and the Emotions as well as one time member of the ‘Hippy Boys’….Henry got about !! but it was with this early piece of ‘Sufferers’ that he made an impact.

By this time the Upsetter was well and truly ‘shaking up Orange Street’ with his unique sound and those who had underestimated him were no doubt beginning to wish they hadn’t….

click on image to see it in all it’s glory.

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2 thoughts on “musicology #0633

  1. really digging this track. Great sound quality and great voice. It’s a shame that all the of the stuff from this era was not so well recorded/mastered. As a lover of soul music, this is the sweet spot of Jamaican music for me. Thanks for posting. . .


    1. Jamaican music matured at a rapid pace considering that it only really started in the early 60’s. the Studios upped their game AFTER Coxsone set up Studio 1 in 1963, (which was still only a two track !!)
      Just goes to show what raw talent can deliver.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment
      most appreciated


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