musicology #0632

the Inspirations – Down In The Park

Day #5 of the Upsetter tribute and after spending the first few years of his career helping to build Sir Coxson’s Studio 1, (and the Downbeat sound), into the #1 outfit on the Island Lee Perry became dissilusioned with Coxson’s lack of appreciation as well as any real opportunities to progress his career so he decided it was time to break free and make his OWN play but it wasn’t really until 1968 when things began to look up for the Upsetter.

Lee Perry was already well on his way to mastering the art of picking, creating and crafting hit records but funds were tight and it wasn’t easy but in the year of the earth monkey, (1968), the English market began to gather speed due, in part, to the rise of Jamaican musics popularity with the working class youngbloods who became known as Skinheads.

Today’s cut is another Upsetter scorcher from 1968. Voiced by the Inspirations, (Trevor Shaw & Ransford White), and recorded at either Dynamic or the Chin family’s ‘Randys’ studio. (Trevor Shaw went on to reinvent himself as ‘Jimmy London’)

the (Limited Edition) Upsetter tribute tee (available in 3 Colours), below was designed and produced as a direct reference to these times…

click on image to see it in all it’s glory.

the Upsetter tribute tee exclusively at bloodsweatandtees


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