musicology #0631

The Ethiopians – Life Is A Funny Thing

If you only listen to ONE tune from the(urban)musicologist’s Upsetter tribute it HAS to be this one from the Ethiopians. Leonard Dillon, Stephen Taylor and Aston Morrison. KILLER piece from the early days, (1974), of the Black Ark released in JA on theUpsetter’s Justice League Label.

Leonard Dillon’s career first hooked up with Lee Perry at his Studio 1 audition in the 60’s when he cut 4 tunes for Sir Coxsone…on the strength of his connection to the Wailers. Those present at the audition were Downbeat, Jackie Mittoo, Peter Tosh and Lee Perry. It was here where he got his nickname…

Leonard Dillon….Rest In Peace


One thought on “musicology #0631

  1. As you know, I’m not a huge fan of Jamaican music but this cut is, as you say, a KILLER piece which is so reminiscent of why sounds like this took over the world beginning in the late sixties, and played such a big part in MY formative years, even though I didn’t really know what I was listening to at the time. Thanks to you, I can now feed it into my understanding of how the world of popular music has grown and evolved into what we listen to today. Thanks again for sharing this and educating us all.



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