musicology #0626

The Agony Of Power #2

Nitty Gritty – Zero Their Minds

Part two of the theme inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s crtical insights regarding contemporary society and the shift/evolution from ‘Domination to Hegemony’.

The musicology is a 1985 collaboration between ‘Digital’ Reggae pioneer LloydPrince Jammy’ James and Glen Augustus ‘Nitty Gritty’ Holness..on the Tempo Rhythm

“Hegemon means the one who commands, orders, leads and governs, (and not the one who dominates and exploits). This brings us back to the literal meaning of the word ‘Cybernetic’ (Kubernetike, the art of governing). Contrary to domination, a hegemony of world power is no longer a dual, personal or real form of domination, but the domination of networks, of calculation and integral exchange. Domination can be overthrown from the outside. Hegemony can only be inverted or reversed from the inside”.


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