musicology #0620

ChristmasComing #13

Bunny and Skully – White Christmas

4 days and counting…busier than a busy bee who’s busy buzzing around the garden collecting nectar for the hive. I’ve neglected all you dedicated musicologists out there in the hyper real but I aim to make it up to you with a couple of musical Christmas presents delivered via themusicologist before the Big day…in the meantime hold this festive ska cut courtesy of pioneering Jamaican duo Arthur ‘Bunny’ Robinson and Noel ‘Skully’ Simms whose recording career began by singing and recording Jamaican Rhythm and Blues in the early 50’s..


5 thoughts on “musicology #0620

  1. Probably the best version of this song that I ever heard, especially as they had probably never seen snow for real !


  2. lovely raw sound to this bit of christmas ska to add to the wall to wall
    festive sounds in our house…and SNOW courtacy of the musicologist,


  3. I haven’t heard the Hadda brooks version, but I do have one by Big Maybelle. You wouldn’t think her huge voice would fit the song but it works.


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