musicology #0608

ChristmasComing #1

(Jimmy Smith – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Shame on themusicologist…almost a month has passed without an entry..such is 21st Century life.

Anyway time done passed and today is the 1st December which, (in themusicologist’s dwelling), means one thing…The Christmas music begins. For the next 25 days it’s nothing but the festive sounds that get flung down and bearing in mind that access to the preceding years musicology has been, (temporarily), interrupted this year I have the whole 500+ Christmas cuts from the vaults at my disposal without fear of repeating listen the ride as I grab my reindeer, hook em up to themusicology sleigh and ride out into the snow spreading the sounds of Christmas in my wake.

First up is a cut highlighted from the 1964 Verve album Christmas Cookin’ by Jimmy Smith


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