musicology #0605

The Cool Ruler Rides Out Of Town #6

Gregory Isaacs – Rude Boy Bawl

Ranking slice of 1994 dancehall from the Rude Boy General recorded for and released on Junior Reids JR Productions label..Reminds me of Thursdays spent down at Dub Vendor on Ladroke Grove…soundmen, (and boys), lined up at the counter about to do battle for the best cuts..You had to be first to raise the finger and if you were ‘on the firm’ ‘Red’, (or ‘Face’), would look in your direction for the ‘one of them’ signal…be it a nod, wink, or a raised finger and it would be added to your pile..good times…

“Down a remand centre rude boy a chill out yeah,
And a wait pon trial…lord, lord, lord,
Him just a bust a small sweat yeah believe me,
Cause them a case there kinda crucial,
Him charge fe 3 murder and 4 armed robbery,
And illegal firearms,
So him sit down pon him bunk and him take a big bible,
Start to chant 2 psalms…”


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