musicology #0600

The Cool Ruler Rides Out Of Town #1

Gregory Issacs – Border

This week it HAS to be all about Legendary Jamaican vocalist, producer and all round DON GORGON..Gregory ‘The Cool Ruler’ Issacs who today ‘Crossed The Border’ and passed on.

Among other things Gregory epitomised Authenticity and I could easily fill a month of daily cuts of PURE top ranking musicology from the Don.

One thing’s for sure..even though The Ruler is physically no longer walking the earth his music will continue to inspire and guide for generations to come.

Kicking off with this one..Alvin Ranglin production on the GG’s Label.

“If I could reach the border then I would step across
So please take me to the border no matter what it cost…
I’m a leaving outta Babylon, leaving outta Rome…..”


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