musicology #0599

Flow #18

The Showmen – The Owl Sees You

Today’s cut is In memory of another Soul man who has left us…General Norman Johnson..whose voice rose to prominence first as Lead for the Showmen and then Chairman Of The Board. This was one of their, (unreleased), demo’s sent to Joe Banashak whose Minit label ranks high on themusicologist’s list of supreme Rhythm & Blues/Soul labels. Why this marrow trembler went unreleased is beyond me…Norman Johnson Rest In Peace…gone but never forgotten.


2 thoughts on “musicology #0599

  1. Beyond me too….

    “You take some music, music
    Sweet flowin’ music
    Some movin’ and grovin’
    Rock and Roll will stand

    Take some heart beats, drum beats
    Finger poppin’ and stompin’ feet
    Little dances that look so neat
    You see why it will stand”

    I suppose we should be thankful for “small” mercies


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