musicology #0598

Flow #17

Alva Lewis – Hurry Home

Back on home turf..good times in New York..much to reflect on…the ‘project’ is life and the soundtrack is never ending so with that in mind i’ll keep on flowing as I slip, slide, rock and roll through it…really feeling the previous cut from the Brooklyn Funk Essentials look out for more from them in the future…in the mean time hold this marrow trembling slice of ESSENTIAL Rock Steady from Alva Lewis..

Cuts like this sure don’t grow on trees…Sir Errol and all lovers of TOP RANKING music this one’s yours.


6 thoughts on “musicology #0598

  1. musicologist, your selection is second to none. This ‘new’ track on me….could well be the best rocksteady record ever recorded!

    wouldn’t want to play this back in a sound clash after your selection 🙂 but here is another sweet example of Alva Lewis…..rocksteady heading toward sufferers…..available on UK doctor bird


    1. thank you Sir Errol…In truth if that one was dropped against me in a soundclash…I would pack up and concede…yes that’s a quality piece of Alva Lewis..Phil Pratt production?


  2. I have to comment again on this WONDERFUL record cos I just played it for the second time on the spin!! I’m a big fan of the Rock Steady and I think I must agree with Sir Errol, this may be the best yet!


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