musicology #0595

Flow #14

Coasters – Shoppin’ For Clothes

Should have laid this down yesterday but didn’t make the time so before we hit the streets of Brooklyn today….here it is. All day yesterday I had this song running through my head mainly because we ended up on Madison Ave in gentlemens outfitters due to Sir Errol’s lack of clothes as a result of his luggage being redirected and not showing up !!

The day began with themusicologist getting my haircut in the excellent Tommy Guns on Ludlow St on the Lower East Side. If you’re in NYC and need a TOP RANKING cut, I would highly recommend it. Then it was over to the Deadly Dragon record shop where 3 hours slipped away before we realised that Sir E had to outfit himself for the upcoming night’s entertainment..

The first night of the Brooklyn Soul Festival was excellent..performances from Eli paperboy Reed, Vernon Garrett, Don Gardener, Roscoe Robinson, Tammi Lyn, Lee Fields and a few others that filled in for Barbara Lynn, whose names have slipped my mind…

Have to go now…the ‘Brooklyn Flea‘ is calling my name.

So hold this one from probably the longest serving Vocal group of all time.


4 thoughts on “musicology #0595

  1. Them cats are COOL….brought to mind the words ‘lounge lizards’!
    perfect sound for New York City shopping.


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