musicology #593

Flow #12

(The Harptones – A Sunday Kind Of Love)

Sitting here this morning preparing for the trip to NYC, (and the Brooklyn Soul Festival) listening to Doo Wop and I just realised that I should be sharing it with youse Cats & Kittens so here it is…SUPREME harmony from Willie Winfield, Billy Brown, Claudie “Nicky” Clark, William Dempsey, William “Dicey” Galloway and last but certainly not least Raoul Cita.

Simply BEAUTIFUL. Listen this F****N’ Tune and weep.


7 thoughts on “musicology #593

  1. Bertha Tillman…came out on UK Oriole….how nice would that be
    Come on Countess, I bet you must have that in your back room!


  2. I wish I did and it would certainly have bin played to death!!
    a marrow trembla of the highest order…fanx


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