musicology #589

Flow #8

Doreen Schaffer & the Brentford Disco Set – This Love

I feel like I have shortchanged all you musicologists out there and not delivered enough Soul food recently so today I’m going to lay a three course meal on you in an effort to fill your musical plates with enough cuts to keep them ‘belly full’. I have been locked into preparing sets over the last few days and as a result have unearthed some gems from deep within the vaults.

For starters we have a musicologist favourite from what, (for me), was one of Sir Coxsone’s most harmonious periods, a little window sometime in the mid 1970’s where the Studio 1 team recorded and released some of the finest music ever recorded. The vocalist is none other than Doreen Schaffer who begun singing for Downbeat at the birth of his studio in the early 60’s. Best known for her duets with Jackie Opel this one never fails to tremble my marrow. The perfect balance between Soul, Reggae and available studio technology. Had to mix in the dub..haunting. I hope you’ll find it to your taste..

Scratchy on the intro but to be honest all the best tunes are because they have been well and truly RINSED..


8 thoughts on “musicology #589

  1. this track right here………has been a secret weapon in me little arsenal of 45’s
    The original US track by the Joytones, is equally wonderful and a regular ender at a early nineties haunt of ours in Manchester called Parkers.
    It was a fantastic coo when I discovered that Doreen Shaeffer had made a cut as I knew, anyone that went to Parkers would be sent by this version. With all due respect to the Joytones, Doreen and the studio one musicians are very respectful in their delivery and really step to the plate on this and create something equally special.

    I love them both. This Love.

    The Joytones….you’ll dig this Liam


    1. Selectahhh…your secret’s out..themusicologist has been hoarding this one for many a year along with S……….. oops best keep that one tucked away for a rainy day..
      Joytones…you have?


  2. thanks for the trip back to 2008 musicologist and that fabulous duet, its one of them records that ends too quickly however many times I hear it..


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