musicology #0579

mOareEssentials #2

(Bill Withers – Lonely Town, Lonely Street)

Round 2 of the mOare selection and I’m slipping and sliding out of the Reverend and into this marrow trembler from the magnificent Bill Withers who has always been, (and continues to be), a BIG influence on themusicologist’s heart and mind. Always a pleasure, (at least for me), to hear Bill Withers loud and whenever the opportunity arises to play one ‘out’ I like to grab it with both hands..

1972 release borrowed from his ‘Still Bill’ Set featuring the combined talents of Bobbye Hall, Benorce Blackmon, Melvin Dunlap, James Gadson, Raymond Jackson.

“You can life your life in a crowded city,
You can walk along a crowded street,
But the city really ain’t no bigger,
Than the friendly people, friendly people that you meet,
You might be a sweet young, sweet young pretty pretty,
At the dances you can’t keep your seat,
But if dances don’t lead to romances,
You might as well be born, be born with two left feet,

You might be a sweet toned sure nuff high class talker,
You might be a stone, stone expert at kissing,
But it don’t do too much good to be talkin,
Brother when there ain’t no, ain’t nobody listening,
And if you are shy just not much of a talker,
Don’t impress the people that you meet,
Might as well be a lonely walker,
In a lonely town on a lonely street….”


3 thoughts on “musicology #0579

  1. This is a lovely song..I like the lyrics those really make feel like I am in that town. Bill Withers is an artist with a special gift – in my opinion.


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