musicology #578


(Al Green – All Because)

Back in themusicologist saddle after attending and playing at the mOare music festival over the weekend. Quality music, good crowd, excellent hosts. Met some quality people..Hamish, Claire, Cath, Paul, Owen, Ashley, (to name a few)…musical highlight had to be Hamish and his daughter Emma performing together on stage. Brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. Can only imagine how proud he was to share a stage with her.

What did I play? ESSENTIALS. Mainly Soul and Funk but I managed to slip some Studio 1 in there too !! Festivals can be a bit tricky for the DJ as he/she is not who the crowd come to hear but I really enjoyed this one so in honour of the event I’m going to lay a weeks worth of the cuts I spun..

The first song I played was this superb slice of Funk by ‘the Reverend’ Al Green. Released, (on Capitol), in 1971..produced by urban musicologist Willie Mitchell and almost certainly featuring one of the greatest drummers to have graced the stoll the legendary Al Jackson Jr….

Listen Tune..


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