musicology #573

Essential Cuts #3

(Jerry Jones – Still Waters)

Didn’t manage to lay a cut yesterday..BIG night Friday and as a result I floated through yesterday in a bit of a bubble. That’s one of the things about BIG nights out..sleep deprivation..Worth it though. Music was excellent, company too. Met some good people, (all genuine music lovers), which is always a real pleasure. In fact it was a proper gathering of musicologists. The Filthy Six were excellent and by a strange serendipitous, (having already laid it down on themusicologist a few hours earlier) quirk had included Sookie, Sookie in their set. If any of you cats and/or kittens get the opprtunity to catch them live…take it. If not then second best is to buy their self titled set available on Acid Jazz.

Part of what I, (Sir Errol too judging from his recent comment), enjoy about music is the voyage of ‘discovery’ and on the night Corinna Greyson and Noel McKoy were both welcome additions to my list of noteworthy vocalists. I can’t lay an example of Corrina’s vocals on you as I don’t have any to pass on but I bought 2 copies of Noel’s latest CD, (Brighter Day), on the night so hopefully, (if/when I confirm with him that it’s ok), I’ll lay down an example on themusicologist.

So on with the Essentials…(all cuts that, for me, ‘stand’ at the top of the musical mountain). Today’s cut is another from the number one Jamaican sound ‘Sir’ Coxsone ‘Downbeat The Ruler’s Studio 1. Absoulte marrow trembler released 1970 in the UK on the Bamboo label….Jerry Jones’s version of the Four Tops scorcher.

Listen Tune.


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