musicology #571

EssentialCuts #1

(Justin Hinds – Say Me Say)

Stop, start, start stop…themusicologist has writers know it’s like that when the words don’t come easy but on the other hand it should come as no surprise to me as, (at least for the last few days/weeks/months), words are, (in my opinion), devoid of universal meaning so don’t really have much value? Where am I going with this? F**k knows so I’ll leave it there and just hitch a ride on the musicology train before I disappear into a semantic void.

First up is this Essential slice of the RockSteady pie from the Great Justin Hinds…


2 thoughts on “musicology #571

  1. first up…..Justin Hinds is one of my favourite vocalists…..on some days, my favourite Jamaican male vocalist. Other days it is likley to be Jackie Opel.
    I think it is just the slight ‘rural’..(perhaps??) Jamaican accent in his delivery. Cousin of Horace (Hinds) Andy. As per usual the music/ologist delivers a track that is new to me having passed me by. Such is the wonderful thing about music, the endless joy received of hearing something fresh, genuine, human.

    My man who needs words? However actually, your penmanship is ‘mighty mighty’….as Curtis may have have put it


    1. Yes brother Errol, Justin Hinds (Rest In Peace), is yet another Jamaican vocalist who sat/sits at the top of the singers tree.
      ‘Rural’… the word I use is ‘Authentic’ but I think it means the same thing in this context? for me all the great communicators have this quality. Glad to hear that it was one you hadn’t heard before and spot on with the ‘Endless Joy’
      Thanks for the encouragement and support always a great pleasure to connect with the Left Bank Don..and your right who needs words when yah speak the ‘Universal Language’
      Looking forward to kicking back soon…Paris, New York, London..Voice Your Choice..
      BIG ; )


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