musicology #564

Tales From The Underground #6

Solomon Burke – Words

Locked into the Soul/Rhythm&Blues  selection at the moment so rolling with this superb slice of 1963 musicology from Singer supreme, Preacher and ‘King Of Rock and Soul’, Solomon Burke. Soul pioneer who began recording in 1956 for New York’s famed Apollo label before moving to Atlantic in 1961 whereapoun he recorded some of the most enduring cuts of the early Soul period. A Cat whose culinary skills are as legendary as his singing. Today’s cut was recorded for and released on Atlantic in 1963.


3 thoughts on “musicology #564

  1. yet another new look to the site….Im reminded of an ol’ refrain ‘I’m gonna change my way of livin, an if thats not enough, I’m gonna change the way I strut my stuff…’
    looking forward to some more fine tunes on this new look Musicologist.


    1. Yes although WordPress has forced these changes to the ‘look’. I wish they hadn’t it’s thrown a spanner in me ‘works’ having to redesign and reformat the whole page..chances are I will keep having to until I hit on the most effective formula


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