musicology #560

Tales From The Underground #2

(Barbara & The Browns – In My Heart)

Today’s cut is courtesy of the Brown family, (Barbara, Roberta, Betty and Maurice), with a 1964 Southern Soul cut on the Stax label. Co written by the prolific Steve Cropper and Deanie Parker.

Just like to add that for themusicologist it’s always been about the music and not the format. I know that may be controversial but the truth is that when I first started collecting, (back in the late 70’s), vinyl was the only format but media has moved on and so have I. Now days I have a Vestax VCI 300 console which is connected to my Macbook Pro and a harddrive which is far more suitable for storing, transporting and playing the music that I love. Don’t get me wrong I still buy, enjoy and collect the shiny black stuff but, (for me), the quest is for musical satisfaction and NOT nostalgia.

Finally I would really appreciate some feedback both on the tune itself and the new method of consumption, (the player)..doesn’t require a comment but just a click, (in complete anonymity), on the ‘stars’ above the tune to let me know whether you’re feeling it or not. That said actual dialogue is always highly valued. Respect is due to the cats and kittens who take/make the time to connect.


4 thoughts on “musicology #560

  1. First a comment about this cut – utterly sublime, more of the same please, and the new widget is great little thing, I like it. I doesn’t matter to me that I can’t download the track.

    I started my (first vinyl, then tape, now CD) collection in the mid-late sixties, but have now converted most of it to FLAC or high quality MP3 and play it at home from the PC to my hifi via a Netgear MP101 wireless music player. I still play vinyl sometimes but I am sold on the idea of preserving the music forever digtally. As you rightly say, it’s the music that’s uppermost, not the format it’s delivered in. A few pops and crackles on a well played 45 add to the atmosphere.


  2. I dont know this femalevocalist but I do know a moving bit o soul when I hear it!..I would like to add how much I like this new playing system you’ve introduced, it works perfectly and also allows easy moving around the site, which I found increasingly difficult and therefor offputing with the widget thingy!…sooo gratefull you found a new way for us to enjoy the fabulous music!


  3. This is a wonderful track! Thank you for the introduction. I feel as you do that the format is of no consequence – what matters is the music itself. On my own blog I do like to illustrate the tunes with scans of the original record labels, but I by no means own everything that I post. I’d be honoured if you’d drop in to look around sometime. The address is:

    I’m going to enjoy working my way back through your archived posts. Marie


    1. CaughtTheTrain and I’m testifying that it’s a quality engine you’re Driving…I’m on board.
      Thank you…


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