Frontline News

After three years on the frontline of the war against musical banality themusicologist is forced to make a change in how to deliver the Sonic bombs. The Boxnet Widget has been playing up for too long, caused me problems that I don’t need, seriously affected the flow and my patience has run out. So for now the audio player will be embedded in the post probably underneath the title of the day’s slice of musical action. Just like to add my appreciation for the continued support. I intend to reward you with some marrow trembling musicology as I climb back, (once more !!), into the saddle and ride off down the road on the eternal quest for musical satisfaction.

Buckle Up and watch/listen the ride….

p.s in the short term that means that the 500+ archive of musical biscuits that I have laid down are, (for the moment) unavailable to enjoy. I’m working on a solution but “Honey, Rome wasn’t built in a day”….


5 thoughts on “Frontline News

  1. So glad to that you will be back in business soon. I will not shed a tear for the demise of Looking forward to your next post. Very best wishes, Ian 🙂


  2. Glad for the end of the non responsive widget….but in a way sad as its the passing of an era, but thats progress brother. looking forward to the new lick


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