musicology #558

Shake It Up & Go #5

(The Valentinos – Lookin’ For A Love)

Penultimate cut of the Shake selection featuring the superb Womack Brothers, (Bobby, Cecil, Harry, Friendly and Curtis), with a 1962 cut on Sam Cooke’s groundbreaking Sar label.  Bobby Womack was a major influence on themusicologist throughout my formative years of the early Seventies. One of the ‘Big 3’ that also included Curtis Mayfield and Bill Withers. Of course there were others but these 3 were the main players.


7 thoughts on “musicology #558

  1. has been incredibly slow for a week or two. When it eventually connects it still takes ages to deliver the music if it ever does. I am sure it isn’t my broadband as my ISP has just upped it to 24Mbs. and I’ve tried Firefox, IE7 and Opera. Pity coz I was really looking forward to listening to the cuts on this theme.


  2. It’s strange how karma silently moves in harmony with the rhythms of life and then, periodically, knocks on and awakens the conscious…. The Valentinos Lookin’ For A Love marks an end to an era; the era of musicologist as diary.
    Good luck with the new!


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