musicology #549

Times #1

(Soul Stirrers – I Want To Rest)

Have to take a break from the Jamaican Musical History theme for a while. Recent developments along the way are calling for some diverse musicology. Have much to say but words fail me for now so I’ll leave it to the music to speak.

Immaculate Gospel cut from one of the greatest vocal harmony groups to ever grace the mic, the church, the stage, and themusicologist…

Listen Tune….


4 thoughts on “musicology #549

  1. Glad to have you back. Hope you are hanging on in there.
    It is said that God has all the best tunes and with this one as evidence it would be difficult to form a contrary argument.
    Gospel is such a neglected genre today (in the UK that is) and there is so much of it from the early 20’s through to today, and with so many different artists and styles. I hope to hear some of my favourite solo artists like Odetta or Mahalia Jackson maybe, as well as the many other harmony groups like The Soul Stirrers here. And I don’t think I have heard anything from when Sam Cooke was with them, so this theme may run for a while, if you’re in the mood.

    I have just noticed that the theme is “Times”, so you can ignore the above if you wish !


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