musicology #543

Jamaica #23

(Dennis Brown – No More Will I Roam)

Looking back over the past week on themusicologist I couldn’t help but notice my truth the weather was too nice and I had much street walking, hustling, networking, planning and dreaming to do and themusicologist had to take a back seat but the weather is still scorching so I’ll have to come up with a new plan for this week…ahh got it…more music less scribbles, (it’s the scribbling that takes ALL my time)

So with that in mind….forward up with the sweet sounds of JA.

Ranking piece from the ‘Crown Prince’ Dennis Emmanuel Brown produced by Winston ‘Niney the Observer’ Holness for his Obsever label in 1974.

Listen Tune..


3 thoughts on “musicology #543

  1. Time and scribbling. Tough one that. Know where you’re coming from. But it’s “the scribbling” that provides the context…. the finer stroke!


    1. finer stroke..maybe but for me it’s the music that should always take precedent and in all honesty sometimes it doesn’t and the scribbles stop the flow. After all it is a musical diary and a place to share the cuts that have and continue to speak…nothing else and I must keep that the focus. The scribbles are just commentary.


  2. Dennis Brown followed by Horace Andy (I’ve played’ Let your teardrops fall’ countless times since your last post).. music dont come much sweeter than that…superb.!


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