musicology #542

Jamaica #22

(Horace Andy – Let Your Teardrops Fall)

Went to see Dean Chalkley’s ‘New Faces’ exhibition at the Book Club last night…Good night, Good music, (Led by the Cheeba), excellent venue and the photographs were absolutely spot on. What’s that got to do with the Jamaica theme? nothing but you know this is my musical diary so I just wanted to keep yers in the loop and inform the Cats and Kittens of how, (and where), this ‘stone’ known to some as themusicologist is rolling.

Anyway…back to Jamaica..and today’s cut is courtesy of the man Horace ‘Sleepy’ Hinds aka Horace Andy whose recording career started in 1966 under the guiding hand of heavyweight producer Phil Pratt but didn’t really go anywhere until he turned up at Studio 1 guitar in hand, (which he had spent the preceeding 4 years learning), and waxed ‘Got To Be Sure’ and ‘Something On My Mind’ and a star was born.

Today’s cut is from 1972/3. Don’t know who produced it and to be honest I don’t really care too much as for me it’s only ever about the music and not the information.


5 thoughts on “musicology #542

  1. WOW…I’m no stranger to the beautiful voice
    of Horace Andy, but this track is a knockout,
    he manages to sound like a soul singer and a reggae singer at the same time!!…


  2. Read the review of the launch you went to looks interesting, visuals look cool, are you brother large who got a mention?
    Killer tune, rocks my world every time I hear it


    1. Yep it is interesting..Dean, (the Cat behind the lens), has genuinely captured the essence and the subjects certainly all look the part. brother Large? nope.
      Killer tune indeed


    1. Chris…welcome..Glad you like it.
      Not one of Horace’s most popular but as Doug One Step agreed…one of his finest, (although there’s quite a few on that list !)


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