musicology #540

Jamaica #20

(N Elliott & Noel Bailey – People Let Love Shine)

No rest for themusicologist as he moves, weaves, bobs, ducks, slips and slides his way out of one marrow trembler and into another one of my most cherished slices of ‘Sufferers’ but today it’s courtesy of Spanish Town producer Harry Mudie…The vocalists are N? Elliott and Noel Bailey..1971 cut on a Moodisc ‘Blank’

I’ll just let the cut speak..


One thought on “musicology #540

  1. another gem.. once again the musicologist in tandem with the songs gives voice to the people
    of the world that have, and continue to have
    so few rights, let alone a fair share of the cake!..
    The bonus of this partnership for us is we get to hear such fabulous tunes that ‘say’ something meaningful in a world full of banality..


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