musicology #539

Jamaica #19

(Rome – Lloyd Jones)

When I first heard this cut, (more than 20 years ago), I had to sit down. Still to this day I don’t know what it is about it that continues to tremble my marrow but as I live and learn about life through the ups and downs there are certain tunes that are an integral part of the soundtrack to my existence…this is one of them. The sounds that pulsed out of the Kingston ghettos during the early 70’s continue to speak with unmatched authenticity to my Soul and even though I am a big fan of Ska, Rocksteady and early Reggae it is this period, (the ‘Golden Age’), between 1970 and 1976 that really does it for me, (the 90’s too but we’ll have to wait until later to hear them)

The vocalist on today’s piece is Lloyd Jones, (a cat I know nothing about), but what I do know though is that, (as far as I’m concerned), music doesn’t get better than this. For 20+ years this cut has been a BIG part of my life. Why? can’t say for sure but it’s one of the tunes that I will NEVER tire of hearing. Larry, (the field), Marshall cut it at Studio 1 and I’m not sure who waxed the original but I think it’s this one….not that it matters of course and whether it’s called Babylon, Rome, the Shitstym, Capitalism or Globalisation it’s all just ‘The Game’ and I for one despise it. Sufferers all bleed the same colour blood and it’s always RED so be you black, white, pink, brown, yellow or blue this one’s for all of us…45 on the English Bullet label.

“From since I was a kid they have had me down as slave,
Keep pushing me everyday until they push me out of the way,
Woooooh Rome I want to go home,
Woooooooh Rome I can’t stay no longer in Rome”


2 thoughts on “musicology #539

  1. Majestic.

    It’s the first time I’ve heard this (among others on this theme). Sort of shames me in a way.

    I, for my sins, took a musical right turn back in the day and turned mainly to the sounds of surf and stuff washing up on America’s beaches as opposed to the “heavy beat” wafting out of the Caribbean.

    Not complaining though… Frank Zappa, Big Brother, The Doors etc., etc. were just as enjoyable… in a different way!!!

    Thinking about it, it’s strange how people of the same generation, of the same background (well, almost), of the same attitude and tastes, and who danced to the same piper during the sixties went off on such musical tangents in the seventies.


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