musicology #537

Jamaica #17

(Dennis Walks – The Drifter)

Today’s cut is a piece from my earliest ‘Revival’ Reggae memories, (early 80’s), introduced to me by my uncle whose commitment to top ranking music was and still remains one of the most important contributions to my existence ever made. Produced by Spanish Town’s..Harry Mudie. Early Sound System owner, (mid 50’s), whose first production in ’62, (Babylon Gone), was one of the first to feature Count Ossie. The late 60’s saw a return to production for Mr Mudie who then went on to introduce Spanish Town Sound System legend I Roy to the record buying public as well as producing some of the most established Jamaican artists of the 70’s. This one is voiced by Dennis Vassell aka Dennis Walks and was originally released in…yep you’ve guesssed it…1969 !!


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