musicology #532

Jamaica #12

(Barrington Spence – Contemplating Mind)

Final cut of the Rocksteady and then it’s on to the ‘Moonstomp’ Reggae. But before that it’s time to roll one out from Sir Coxsone ‘Downbeat’ Dodd’s Studio 1. A cut featuring the vocal talents of Barrington Spence who began singing in the early sixties but stepped out of Kingston for a few years and didnt return until around 1966 whereupon he hooked up with Naggo Morris and Sylvan Clarke, (as the Soul Boys), and cut a few tunes at Studio 1 and Treasure Isle?

Just like to finish by adding that even though Coxsone got left behind a small piece during the Rocksteady, in part due to the emergence of producers such as those featured over the last week as well as his less than fair business practices concerning artists and musicians, he was still ‘swinging’ and turning out top quality music, (as today’s cut bears witness to), but it would be in the next phase of Jamaican musical development that he began to take back the crown and deliver the ‘golden age’ of Studio 1.



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