musicology #531

Jamaica #11

(Johnny & The Attractions – Coming On The Scene)

Penultimate cut of the Rocksteady excursion features a vocal group that go by the name of Johnny & The Attractions, (already featured on themusicologist), who waxed some of the most beautiful Rocksteady of the day. Amazingly, (or not so if you know a little about Jamaican music), next to nothing is known about these cats so I can’t fill you in on any personal details. All I do know is that the producer was Sonia Pottinger and the label it originally appeared on was ‘Gayfeet’ and the year was most likely 1968, an important year in themusicologist’s life as well as in the progression of Jamaican music as it was in this year that Reggae first emerged.

To be honest RockSteady was not a commercial success and is still to this day not well known, (outside of the community), which has always surprised me but then again if we look at what was going on at the time maybe it was too ‘simple’, slow or authentic to attract much interest in a world that was plunging headlong into complexity and inauthenticity but ever since being introduced to it in the early 80’s it never fails to reach out and touch my soul.

Anyway…enough of the sentimentality and on with the transcendental TOP RANKING musicology..


3 thoughts on “musicology #531

  1. They just keep coming!!………this fabulous slice of the Rocksteady had me Gob-Smacked!, it sounded like soul music with an extra beat…
    To me Rocksteady takes some beating, the Ska has a raw energy which gets me up n dancin and the Rocksteady is certainly a more subtle sound which at its best (this number being one of em) roots me to the spot in ‘eye closing’ pleasure..


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