musicology #529

Jamaica #9

(Larry Marshall – Money Girl)

Moving out of the Derrick Harriott and into yet another fine piece but this time it’s courtesy of producer George Phillips better known as Phil Pratt..a name bestowed on him by Caltone founder Blondel Keith Calneck, (Ken Lack).

You may have noticed that one of the things about Jamaican music is the significance of the producer in musical proceedings and Phil Pratt is certainly one of them. Horace ‘Andy’ Hinds, (cousin of Justin), The Heptones and Bunny Lee all begun their journey beside the Cat at Caltone so its, (and his), importance in the development of Reggae deserves wider recognition.

The cut today is courtesy of singer Larry Marshall, (who would go on to find a place at Coxsone’s Studio 1), and features the talents of Rocksteady’s core protagonists that include Lynn Taitt, Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright, Clifton Jackson, and one from Winston Grennan, Hugh Malcolm or Arkland Parks. From the sounds of it I would hazard a guess that it’s a 1967 recording but I could easily be mistaken and if so it would be early 1968. Whatever the year it was arranged by a name we have become familiar with over this week…Lynn Taitt.

Finally just like to praise the label Pressure Sounds for releasing the CD, (Safe Travel), from which today’s cut emerged. ESSENTIAL purchase…FULL of TOP Ranking Rocksteady that were you to try and buy the 45’s featured would cost you a small fortune, (if you were lucky enough to find them)



3 thoughts on “musicology #529

  1. hi again musicologist – just dropped in to check out the runnings [new computer] on your blog and would like to make a little correction – Pressure Sounds is nothing to do with me, but is run by good pals, Pete Holdsworth alongside Noel Hawks. Still an excellent label though !
    My own labels Blood & Fire and Equalizer are sadly inactive since 2007/8. Your Larry Marshall selection is indeed super boss, would expect no less from him, a talent often overlooked. He told me 17 years ago how he showed Winston Rodney the ‘studio runnings’ , how to sing into a mic etc.
    all power to your continuing endeavours in portraying ‘good music’….


    1. Steve…welcome back and thanks for the correction, (duly amended on the ‘Field’ Marshall post), apologies for confusing pressure sounds with blood and fire and sad to hear that they are no longer active. Have come to expect no less from you regarding the quality anecdotes..I assume that would have been at Studio 1?
      Thanks for the continuing support


  2. Yes, Larry worked at Studio One alongside Sylvan Morris, he used to find the dubs for the sound sytems and Morris would cut them onto dubplates. He also contributed backing vocals to many discs [particularly by Alton Ellis] and coached new singers in studio/mic techniques. When I interviewed him in 1994 he sang a wehole Spear song accapella, totally brilliant. I’ll never forget that – it was in Hope Botanical Gardens where we filmed him and later that day Deadly Headley Bennett, the sax player [“Full Up” for example] and equally under-appreciated…


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