musicology #526

Jamaica #6

(The Skatalites – Confucius)

Finishing up Round one of the Jamaican Musical History selection with this piece courtesy of the Chinese/Jamaican producer Justin Yapp who for 3 years, (1962-65) produced and delivered Ska that is as good as anything ever waxed. Yet another piece led and written by the legendary Don Drummond. Of course it’s the Skatalites, (who else !!), providing the impeccable back up. Recorded and released on Yapp’s Top Deck Label in 1964.

One thought on “musicology #526

  1. Top, top BOSS tune…. for me, this one epitomises the sound of ska. In fact anything by The Skatalites does!

    PS. Ever heard The Skatalites “Christine Keeler”… an instrumental version of Mel Tomes’ “I’m Coming Home”… I ask because I’ve always wondered how come Christine Keeler made the news in Jamaica (I mean, Keeler, Rice-Davies, Stephen Ward et al weren’t that big a deal.. or perhaps they were?) and why choose “I’m Coming Home”… another one of those strange one-off songs like “Take Five” which transcended genre and tastes to hit the ‘popular’ buton?

    I suppose there’s a very simple explanation.


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