musicology #523

Jamaica #3

(Prince Buster – Linger On)

Moving out of the Studio 1, (before it threatens to consume the WHOLE theme), and into a cut from one of the other notable players in the development of Jamaican musicology…Cecil Bustamente Campbell who along with Sir Coxsone, Duke Reid, Justin Yap and King Edwards had a major impact on the Ska.

Prince Buster, (so named because of his boxing prowess), was a security man for Downbeat in the early 60’s but turned his talented hands to recording and producing in 1962 after leaving Coxsone. Today’s 1964? cut is a piece from the ‘Golden Age’ paying tribute to the legend known then as Cassius Clay. Note the innovative Reverb technique employed by Buster which at the time must have been well and truly ‘modern’. The musicians backing the man were known as Buster’s All Stars and included legends Val Bennet, Raymond Harper, Baba Brooks, Junior Nelson, Rico Rodriguez, Earnest Ranglin, Jerry Haynes, Gladstone Anderson and Arkland Parks.


4 thoughts on “musicology #523

  1. It’s the “chic-a-chic-a-chic-a-chic-a-chic” sound what do it for me…. and most of my contemporaries toooooo.

    To think we’ed make complete arses of ourself dancing a weird, crazy, dance – the block – to this music…while loving every minute of it!!!


  2. this crossed over again with the ‘modern’ kids in recent years.

    a tuff and pricey cut to find!!

    Buster rules!Try and see him live if you can

    …..actually Liam I heard he wasn’t keeping so well a couple of months back…did you hear anything?


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