musicology #520

Randoms #3

(Errol Dunkley – A Little Way Different)

Apparently it was 3 years ago that themusicologist stepped into the global arena in an attempt to communicate. 3 years later and I’m still trying. SO much water has gone under the bridge since then it almost seems like I have lived at least three lives. In fact the ONLY constant in my life has been the music. Companions on the journey who I thought would be there for the duration have stepped off and significant others have stepped in. I suppose that is the way it has to be. Nothing lasts forever, (other than music of course)

The journeys soundtrack along the way has been just as hill and gully as the existence itself..sometimes so raw that I wince when I listen but there’s no taking it back, (nor would I want to), so I’ll just keep rolling out the message and let the dialogue unfold naturally as it always has and most likely will be.

Today’s messenger is the majestic Errol Dunkley a cat who first sung his way into the musicologist’s heart and mind with his 1966 cut, (at the crossroads between Ska and Rocksteady), ‘Love Me Forever’ but it’s this one that I identify him with. The TOP ranking ‘A Little Way Different’. This version is the 12″ rather than the Sonia Pottinger produced 1972 original. Both equally superb in their own right.


5 thoughts on “musicology #520

  1. You ARE communicating, at least to me you are. I haven’t got the full message yet, and maybe never will, but keep trying, please.

    I am out of my “comfort zone” with this music, but the learning experience is so good. The musicologist in me is trying to build up a map of the various types of Carribbean music you are sharing with us and how they relate to each other, but then my heart says “shutup and listen to the music”

    This cut is utterly hypnotic and I can’t stop listening to it.


    1. Ian..thank you for the support and encouragement..most appreciated. In fact it’s inspired me to roll out this theme on Jamaica and it’s musical history..hope you enjoy it.


    1. 555dubstreet…welcome
      Excellent selection of artists, especially Jackie Opel/Lord Creator/Lyn Tait and of course the original Studio1 house band The Skatalites led by a young Jackie Mittoo.
      Not only is ‘Revival’ still popular today but it will be ever more so as the world tunes in to Jamaica’s unbelievable musical history.


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