musicology #513

Duets2 #3

(Winston & George – Denham Town)

Moving out of the soul searching and into the social commentary for todays cut with a classic piece of 1966/7 RockSteady critiquing the state of West Kingston District ‘Denham Town’ as it ‘Turned Vietnam’. Produced by Leslie Kong and featuring Gladstone Anderson on Piano Jackie Jackson on Bass and sax man supreme Roland Alphonso. Released in the UK on a Pyramid 45.


5 thoughts on “musicology #513

  1. gem after gem…Im a BIG fan of the rocksteady,
    especially when it has this raw, unproduced sound
    to it, it had me up n dancing.


    1. Rocksteady followed Ska. Emerging in 1966 as Jamaica underwent a transformation based in part on the aftermath of the end of Colonial rule. As well as following the musical trends of America. Ska was influenced/inspired by Rhythm and Blues whereas Rocksteady owes a debt to Soul. Vocal Groups became the ‘In Thing’ thanks to the likes of The Impressions. Jamaican music is created for the people by the people to express themselves in the dance and as is always the case slow follows quick. following Rocksteady the pace picked up again around 1968 before settling down once more as Reggae dominated in the early seventies.


    1. O Carolina was unique so there was nothing like it really..the period it was made in would have been classified as Ska


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