musicology #511

Duets2 #1

(Birdlegs & Pauline – Spring)

This week it’s all about the musical harmony between two people. Kicking off the theme with a 1964 mod/ernist classic courtesy of 60’s Soul duo Sidney ‘Birdlegs’ Banks and his wife Pauline Shivers Banks. Originally recorded for and released on Jim Kirchstein’s Cucca label..this is the Vee Jay Release.


3 thoughts on “musicology #511

  1. One of my all time FAVES!! in fact with the advent
    of fine weather I’ played’ this tune in my head most
    mornings last week!!…I like everything about this
    record but especially, as is so apt for this new theme, the way their voices blend and also play off each other..


  2. This is another song with an unfortunate story attached. I learned from Sarah Filzen’s “History of Cuca Records” that “Kirchstein found he was unable to handle the demand for the single and leased it to VeeJay of Chicago. The record sold over 100,000 copies but soon after the song hit, VeeJay declared bankruptcy and thus Cuca lost its sale royalties on the record.”

    The album “Birdlegs” they released has more tasty duets plus a wonderfully “smoky” rendition by Pauline of “Summertime”


  3. Well I’ll be blowed…. forgot all about this one. A great tune from ’64. And what a pukka name.. Birdlegs and Pauline!

    Made my day sir…. cheers


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