musicology #508

CoversWeek2 #5

(Dennis Brown – It’s Too Late)

Up and out with the larks today and no time to juggle so I’ll just have to leave you with this one from ‘the Crown Prince Of Reggae’ Dennis Emmanuel Brown. Child prodigy, musical ambassador and man of the people with a 1973? cover of the Carol King/Toni Stern composition originally recorded for and released on her famous ‘Tapestry’ set. The cover of which, (and the song in question),  brings back fond memories of being a very young child. Produced by Herman Chin Loy


2 thoughts on “musicology #508

  1. well! you have come up with another cover that I prefer to the original…I think the musical arrangement is brilliant on this track, the lyrics
    are good but I must say I prefer Denis Brown singing them to Carol King..


  2. A new day, and a more positive attitude. This superb cut makes me realise that some reggae IS a trigger to the emotions for me.

    I enjoy themusicologist and participating in the discussion because 0f your humanity, honestly, vulnerability and especially the musicology. We are all different but it is the music that binds us together.

    1974, newly married and living in scruffy rented rooms, not much spare cash, I scraped enough together to buy “461 Ocean Boulevard”, Eric Clapton’s comeback album after a spell in rehab. That album contains, for me, one of the best covers ever, of a reggae song, Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff”, and takes me back to 1974 every time I hear it.

    I am listening to Cornell Campbell again as I write this and I realise I was so wrong yesterday, sorry.


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